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Personality of a Pisces

Got this from Facebook.. Felt that it's quite accurate.. It was in Mandarin and I wanted to train my brain to translate it to English.. Will shorten it... Bear with me... ^^

Most horoscope explains Pisces as women's horoscope as Pisces easily cry and sigh. Nature: What is Pisces most natural personality? Kind? Weak? Gentle? That's untrue, Pisces love to ponder, in most circumstances, they over think too much. No other horoscope is better in observing and analyzing people than the Pisces. You could say that they are sensitive, but when this kinda sensitivity is correctly utilised, no one could deal with people better than the Pisces. To the Pisces, it would rather be said that kindness is a method to live than being its natural personality. Almost every article mentioned that the Pisces are gentle. The Pisces are gentle because they are sensitive enough to understand people's small changes even from people's action.

Pisces' fatal weakness: Weak
Pisces are disappointing in the reality, being weak, skeptical, inferior, indecisive... There is a reason behind Pisces being indecisive. In making the same decision, a Sagittarius may only consider two consequences; however a Pisces would think of up to 10 consequences because he/she really worries too much. To make it simple, Pisces would think of the different effects that could be caused by the 'situation', whether or not it wil cause misunderstandings etc. (Though most of the time Pisces are impulsive and might blurt out something)

As for being skeptical or paranoid, that could be linked with the personality of being inferior. Although Pisces could easily understand someone's purpose and see through facts, they often could not stand firm on their perspective. This is because the Pisces are unwilling to accept the fact and most of the time lack of self confidence. For example, a female Pisces would still have hopes if a guy would not tell her he doesn't love her anymore even though she knows the fact. The Pisces is weak, you could mock on his/her cowardice or weakness. However different Pisces has different endurance limit. When a Pisces is at his/her limit, you might wanna be careful as they could ignore sensibility, law and even dignity.

Pisces best virtue: Affection/Relationship 感情
Rather than saying that the Pisces lived for 'Love', it would be better to describe them as living for 'Relationships'. The most important thing in the world is relationship for the Pisces. Any type of relationships are important, family is more important than love. Pisces could forgive everything as long as that person treats him/her well whole-heartedly. Don't think you could deceive the Pisces as they are smarter than you. He/She knows things better than anyone.

For a guy, a female Pisces could give you anything, from being gentle, loving you whole-heartedly, adorable, considerable... For a lady, it depends on your luck when you find a male Pisces. If you found one who likes to play, not ambitious, and already at the age of 25, please leave him as soon as possible unless you are a rich lady who is looking for a lover (no one is more suitable than the Pisces). Or else you will be experiencing the worst marriage and life, Amen... However if you found an ambitious Pisces or even one with a successful career, thank Lord because you are the luckiest lady. You could get all the care and happiness, including those that could be bought with or without wealth as a Pisces is willing to give everything to the person he loves in order to make her happy.

The word fairness is important for the Pisces. Always remember in Pisces' world there ain't any true or false. However how would a Pisces treat others (especially in a relationship)? Fairness is the key word. For example, if this Pisces had 10-20 girlfriends before, he won't bother how many boyfriends you ever had. However if Pisces accidentally had a 'one night stand', he would choose not to bother if you had one. Even if your Pisces is very innocent and you are his/her first, he/she will forgive that you were once a playboy/girl as long as you make up with enough care and sincerity. Therefore, its easy to be with a Pisces as long as you could guarantee to give and devote fairly. On the other hand, if the Pisces felt that your care and love isn't enough (as in lesser than he/she gave you), after suffering for some time, he/she will lessen his/her care and love towards you.

Believe it or not, a Pisces is very realistic and fussy in this aspect. A Pisces care less, therefore unluckily, a Pisces would seek for perfection in things he/she cares. Being perfect isn't being loyal nor having perfect figure, Pisces wants a 'perfect love'. You could occasionally say 'I love you', but you have to mean it when you say it. You could occasionally go shopping with her, but you must be happy with you are companying her. You could occasionally sweet talk but must guarantee that you have lesser sweet talks with others than her. Many people thinks that simply saying 'I love you', sending sms from time to time, buying decent things for the Pisces will make them feel they are being loved. But unfortunately, most of them are too smart and could differentiate whether these actions are out of sincerity or not. Do not be happy if you had ever used this kind of trick on a female Pisces, its because she does not reject people easily. Therefore, be truthful to a Pisces, she will love you as much as you love her; at least its better than offending her right?

Many said that Pisces are romantic. But most people who knows Pisces (especially male) would not be able to experience the romance of a Pisces. This is because he might have tonnes of romantic ideas but does not have the confidence to execute them. And in the situation of a confident Pisces, you might not think he is romantic because you might not be the one he is looking for.

A male Pisces might 'Like' someone easily (Like not love!), after being together with this girl, there is a huge possibility that he will realise that this girl is not someone who could give him the perfect love he is looking for, in other words, soulmate. He/She would be very realistic and knows that he/she would not have any future besides memory with this person. When a Pisces had less sweet talk and action, this would mean that he/she knows that this person is not their soulmates and is too kind to breakup this relationship.

To be a good Pisces, the most essential element is career. One day if you found a successful Pisces, do not hesitate and do not let him go. As there is a high possibility he will fulfill your dreams with you.

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