Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My first day at college

Today woke up at 6:55am...... Why? Cause from orientation yesterday, then we were told that class starts next day..... Tiam lah this TAFE.... And after orientation and my first lesson today, I realised I paid AUD6000++ to get tortured.... Almost everyday for this semester, I have to wake up at 6:55am.... Great... I haven't woke up that early since TTSS years... My earliest class in Uni was during Year 1... 10am... And I nvr went to that lecture cz that dude was too boring... (Okay, half was because I cant wake up) Well at least I pass...

TTSS years, only have to wake up at 6:30am cause I only had to brush up and change into sch uniform.. Get into the car then wear socks and shoes and eat breakfast... Now... 8am start class... SHYT.... =.=" Have to wake up that early to start struggling out of the cozy bed... (p/s: Winter now..) Then go brush up.... Start 'mi mi mo mo' + gazing on my laptop for few minutes... Then change and make up..... Thank god my bus station is only less than 5 minutes away... And thank god that it only take less than 5 minutes to destination... And another 5 minutes to walk to the block where my classes are....

First day in class.... Got to know 2 Japanese (Ayako - Solicitor, Makiko), 2 Taiwanese (Amy, Karen), 1 Singaporean aka gehpoh aunty (Joanne) and 1 Korean (Jung Eun).... (Wao.. I am impressed of my memory.. LoL~) Then at the beginning of the class I am pretty sure they think that I am very cool... Cause I must look really fierce without smiling as I was day dreaming as usual.. Not fully awake from my dream...

Started to do sight translation during the last hour of the 4 hours class... (Sight translation-Terus translate from the document you get). My brain was either rusty or still asleep. Simple words like 'Duty-free' also don't remember how to translate. Then... Cant remember how to write 免税的税... Forgive me... Haven't been writing Chinese since graduate TTSS.. I do use Chinese in my daily life.. But blame the amazing computer programs please.... ^^

After class, went to get my student ID done... Thank god the queue is not as long as yesterday.. After that, went to have lunch with Christina in the city.. Then went shopping... Went to Lancome counter and I was gazing at the sign for about 1min++.. Christina asked what happen and what am I looking at... Without moving my gaze from the sign I pointed at it... It's actually a sign saying that there will be a $20 off for purchases of $150 and above... =.="

Conclusion: I am sleep walking whole day.... Now... I am sleep typing.. Cause its time to go to bed... =)

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