Thursday, July 02, 2009

Another Late Post: My bday..

Okie.. I shud hv posted this entry monthsss ago.... Bday celebration had started during the weekend... Vicki's bday was on 20th Feb and mine is just more than a week later.. Then we decided to celebrate it together.. My bday was on a Tuesday.. Bday party was on 27th.. Partied for 2 nights.. 27th.. Vicki and mine @ CM Concert 红馆.. 28th.. Ben's @ Echoes.. LoL~
The gals that attended the party... Guys were shy.... =.="
The 2 bday gals singing.. Haha~
The 211 gang... Last few standing up.. The rest went home... ^^"
Dapat ambil gambar begitu lagikah?
Lastly.. A photo to show my SS skill.. ^^

NEXT: 28th FEB - Ben's bday.. ^^
Met Kevin for the first time in Brisbane after Kevin and I have been here for years... The gal next to me is Pei Shan from Malaysia too.. ^^
Lester Lu and me.. Everytime we meet up sure in Karaoke.. From UK to KK to Brisbane.. ^^"
Ben's bday treat... Whole jug of beer all for himself... ^^Adeline helping Ben... Hoho~
Me and the bday boi... 4 1/4 years old... Memang lil kid not adult yet.. ^^
Me and 2 leng zai... (*cough*)
Felix helping Ben lagi.... -___-" Gai 0o Ben.. ^^
Lastly a photo of 2 sexy ladies... Muaxxx~

NEXT: 3rd March 2009 Lunch with Christina and Dinner with Fong, Fong's Bro, G, XY and sis..

Lunch with Christina @ Soho
My Dinner... Of course its mushroom sauce... LoL~
Dinner @ Morrison Hotel... Steak were a bit burnt.. But sauce not bad.. @@
Dessert @ Freestyle... ^^
My bday cake wah... Too sweet.... I wont eat... Fong's actually.. LoL~Saw their fingers? Candle konon... ^^"

NEXT: 4th March 2009 - My bday dinner with Jamie.. ^^

Dinner with Jamie @

My bday celebration this year... ^^" Haha~~~ 多姿多彩??? ^^

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