Monday, July 27, 2009

3 days without internet

I woke up early on Friday morning... My usual routine once I woke up? Facebook-ing... Yeahh.. I admit I am a freakin' facebook 'stalker'... Haha~ Don't get me wrong.. I would only stalk on your applications... Your flowers or your plants.... Mafia war... etc... Hahahaha~

Okie... Friday morning I woke up reaaally early.. I bet I should thank my early classes... I now wake up before 10:30am... Working at 12pm.. Usually wake up at 11am... But I woke up at 9:30am.... =____=" Then I realised my line is not working!!!! It needed password and I forgot what the password was and my housemate was still asleep.... Great... =.=" Then I watched Jap dramas... After work my housemate called me telling that we cant login... And I called up the internet provider and he said he will ask someone to return our call.. At the end... We still didn't get our internet back... >.<

We paid by direct debit.. And we always thought they direct debited from our account... But they had the wrong account number and they disconnected our line.... Therefore..... No line for the weekend... (FYI: Australian offices don't open on weekends)... Thank god I had things to do for the weekend.. Saturday noon went to company Vicki sing k... She is gonna enter a singing competition... Then we had dinner at Sunnybank at night... Sunday went to buy Yuyu's bday present with Fang then night went to sing k again.. (Yuyu's bday party)...

3 days without internet? I wasn't able to complete my task given by our LOTE group.... Without internet I wasn't able to do research on my discussion topic that I had to hand in today... Without internet I had panick whole weekend about submitting my discussion topic online.....


Dear Mr. Internet, Will you marry me? >.<

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