Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Biatch.. Please mind your own business

There's this biatch who either envy my sis too much or really have nothing to do or is brainless... We don't really mind that you backstab us... But please.... Be a civilised person... Stop talking bad about our parents... It's none of your business what our parents do... Actually... It isn't even your business what did my sis do.... Who is she with... Someone talk bad about our dearest dad.. Biatch.. You are not even Malaysian.. How the hell you know who my dad is? How well do you know us? Even my closest friends here don't know much about my family.. What position are you in to BS so much? We are civilised and educated well enough to be what we are... Well.. All I can say is.... We can't blame you how your upbringing was.... =)

P/s: I think with everything you said, we could sue you for libel.. (If you duno wat libel is? Check the dictionary IF you have one...) But we are well educated, so we can't blame you for being so ignorant... =)


petitemodel87 said...

Which bitch is this? Jealous hot mess she must be.. ... Would you like me to slap her for you? =)

DrA said...

Its a Hongkie biatch... I would love it if you cud slap her for me.... =)