Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tahu siapa sahabat anda seumur hidup?

In order to try showing off my Malay.. And to reply the CHINESE entry and ENGLISH entry.... I decided to write a MALAY entry.. LoL~

Sekarang saya tau siapalah rakan saya seumur hidup..
Rakan di sekolah menengahlah rakan yang dapat teman saya seumur hidup..
Anda semualah rakan yang saya paling hargai..
Walaupun kami telah meninggalkan tempat lahir kami..
Hubungan kami tidak lagi seperti dulu..
Tetapi masa dan jarak adalah challenge untuk persahabatan kami..
Dan challenge ini telah membuktikan kekukuhan persahabatan kami..

Okie.. I am giving up...... Difficult to express myself

Of course we have all changed..
Time and life had changed us..
Not only our age had been increasing..
Our wisdom and life experience had also increased..
We all hope to turn back the time..
Looking back at our memories..
How much fun we had..
How rebellious we could be..
How many crazy things we loved to do..
Things that we could no longer do now or in future..
But all this will forever be in our memory..
Will be difficult to exist in the presence..
However as long as we know we treasure these lovely memories..
We will always treasure our friendship..
Nothing could easily break our friendship that had lasted for 5 yrs (Kelly), 8 yrs (Manda & Ying), 14 yrs (Sharon & ND) and longest of all 17 yrs (Sha)...
I believe with all the memories we had together...
It wouldn't be easy to break our friendship..
We may not be happy with each other in some way..
Because none of us are perfect..
No matter how we dislike some of each other's characters..
Hope that rumours or things that we heard about each other wont ruin our friendship..
Because I believe you guys are a gift from God..
We are born to be friends forever..... =)


SharonChin said...

:) :) :)

PS: shouldn't it be the 16th year we knew each other?

Shasha said...

I LOVE YOU TOO DRA T________________T
*cry a bit*

Anonymous said...

no tear in persahabatan