Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My bubur cha cha

That day.. Suddenly had a strong urge to eat bubur cha cha.. Well.. Bubur cha cha aint one of my favourite Malaysian dessert.. Don't ask me why I had been urging to have bubur cha cha so suddenly last week.. Then I looked up on the internet to search for the recipe.. And tadaaa~~ My bubur cha cha...

Till the end then I remember of taking photo.. LoL~~ Well... Comment on the bubur cha cha was not bad... Just not sweet enough for a dessert... Vicki said, health wise its great.. LoLz~~ Well.. When it was done.. My sis and I tried and felt that it is sweet enough... ^^ Different people likes different taste... At least.. My bubur cha cha was a success~~ For a beginner... ^^

1 comment:

Jason said...

you made me hunger for one as well!