Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Late Entry: My graduation

Okie.. I know this should have came out months ago.... Now that I have graduated more than 3 months.. But its worth to share... ^^

The 4 graduands.. ^^
My darling family.... =3
Dont we look sweet? My dear..... Its ur turn nx year k?? LoL~ ^^
The Charlotte 2606 + Gabba 211 gang.. ^^" Miss staying with them.. ^^
My best friends in Brisbane.. =)
My dear white haired papa...
I am papa mama's gal~~ ^^
My stoopid + silly + burning my money sister... =p
My getting fatter mama... =p
My papa mama n popo~~
My dear family~~ ^^
Hat throwing ceremony~
Fail attempt.. Situation terus so 狼狈~~ Haha~~

Lastly the studio photos.. Mahal tuhh~~

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