Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life Changes..

I realised how life could really change
Looks like my life have been changing like rocket
This second I was worried and stressed
Next second a simple call made my stress and worries faded just like that
This minute I was still having the same thought
Next minute my mind soul and spirit changed
Today I am still feeling stress about my status
Next day I am informed that my status has been approved
I never realise how life could change that fast...
Dad said that I have to slow down, stress less and relax...
Life pace had been speeding up a lot lately
But I can't just slow down before my holidays start
I had to speed up instead..
I wonder will I be able to cope
But I am not who I was anymore
I guess with all these support and care
I will be able to survive
I will be able to slow down a bit
I will be able to stress less
I will be able to walk through all these......

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