Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vote For Calista~

Please allow me to spare an entry to promote my dear friend Calista. Please vote for her via Simply Fabulous Maybelline. She is one of my BFFs.... No matter how far apart we are... I still love her... Do you love me babe? =p Oh well..

This is one of her photos I love best.. I first saw it on Gerry's website.. I was totally stunned by her photo when I saw it... I was like.. "Aint this Calista??? OMG~~~~" Haha~

Then.. I was informed that she has been participating in the Simply Fabulous Maybelline and made it up to one of the top 10 finalist with the chance to attend New York Fashion Week!! It was always her dream to 'break boundaries' of 'only tall girls can be a model' by being a successful petite model~ And now she made a huge step to fulfill her dreams..

So come on people... Please vote for this gorgeous BFF of mine.... She made her way through the finalist all by herself.. Now all she needed is our support simply by a few clicks.... Again.... Click here for the website.... ^^ Thanks..

P/s: Okie.. You might think I am BS-ing and simply SAY that this famous and gorgeous lady is my BFF because I don't have proof.. Oh well.. I don't have a photo with her because we always talk and bitch too much when we meet... =D

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petitemodel87 said...

Hey babe.. Thanks so much for this post!! =D I sawe my pic in my newsfeed n was like.. Huh? Lol.. N yes, I do love u.. Muahmuahmuahmuahmuah!!

PS: We better take some pix next time we meet up!! =p