Monday, October 19, 2009

A phone call

A phone call I made yesterday really melted my heart
It was a phone call to my dearest parents
My sister told me that mama called when I was away
Papa was really upset that I got my PR
He thought that sis got her PR as well
He was worried and said why all daughters went away and do not wanna come home
He was really upset
He even requested to go for a day trip with my family
I didn't realise I hurt them....
My sis was silly enough to make them worry more...
But this call really brighten my life...
My dad was so positive..
I was crying my eyes out when I was talking to them
I told them how much I love them and how much they meant to me
I never intent to hurt them
My intention was good
I didn't want papa to work so hard
He has 3 younger sisters to take care of
I wanted to be independent
I feel bad spending his money
But his words really touched my heart
"You are my daughter, it's my duty to spend money on you... My duty will cease once you get married.. But if he ill-treated you we will skin him"
When I told him I am really worried about my studies
Worried that I will fail my diploma and put his money to waste
"Don't worry about failing it, just slow down your pace, relax, I don't want a PHD for your health.. Take care of your health, your stomach..."
I can't stop shedding tears after hearing all these..
My friend was so shocked when he saw me crying..
He thought something serious happened..
I am really grateful and thankful that God gave me such lovely and caring parents
They are the best I have in life
I would rather have nothing than losing them....

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Shasha said...

lucky girl hehe. dont so stress liao ok? say hi to uncle henry and aunty daisy for me.