Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of the year

First of all, Happy last day of 2009...
Recalling back to what a year I had this year
Really brought back heaps of memories
Lots of tears shed
Lots of memories to mark on my memorabilia
Lots of things happened that changed me
Lots of things happened that made a large change in my life
Few friendships went down to drain
Gained many new friends that treasure me
There were really lots of ups and downs in my year 2009
Guess this is the year that really made me grow up
Made me grown to be more mature
Made me know the world out there better
All these gains and losses really build a stronger inner me

This year I experienced a lot
A change of friendship
Some turned bad and some got better and closer
Change of personalities of people I care
Losing trust on someone I trusted
Disappointments again and again
How someone you trust could actually hurt you deeply
and so on...

A life
Another certificate
An Australian PR
More friends that I treasure
New good friends whom treasure me for who I am not for what I have
and someone who treasures and cares

Time and youth
Friends that I considered as good friends

Flashing back on all these...
Looks like I gained more this year than things I lose
I would not look back and stop at this point
I am looking forward to the years that are coming ahead
A future that is waiting for me to build
A path that is waiting for me to walk
A career that is waiting for me to work hard on
A whole new experience that is waiting for me to explore.......

Good Bye 2009 and Hola 2010......


yvonne87 said...

pahdraaaa happy new year! cheers~~ and i heard rumor said this yr is a good yr for RABBIT!! woohoo let's look forward to it!

DrA said...

YAYYY~~~~ Hehehehe~ Good Gooood~~ I happy u happy~~~ Hehehehe~

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