Thursday, January 07, 2010

First Post of 2010

Okie... I know first post of the year should be about new year resolution and stuffs.. Haha~ But I have been busy slacking and packing and buying stuffs for the past few days to write a new year resolution... So could I pleaseeee keep it till I am back from Taiwan or maybe wait till Chinese New Year..? LoLz~~

YES!! I am in Taiwan...~~ With Ying, Sha and someone.... Oh yeahhh~~ ^^ Happy me.... Another threesome trip~ The three of us meet again in another foreign country after their last visit to Brisbane about 2 years ago..? ^^

Btw... I am here to describe about my 1st day trip in Taiwan... Flight delayed for an hour in KK.. So arrived Taiwan an hour late... Poor Ah Zip waited in the hotel he works (Novotel) for another hour... Haha~ Cause others are only arriving the next day so I had to stay at his place for a night.... Bla bla bla.. Long story.... I had my first experience sitting on a scooter... OMG..... SOOOOOooo scary!!!! I am so gonna say NOOO to my papa who always wanted to buy a bike... =.= Arrived his place.... Then went to 7-11 to buy some drink.... 1st drink in my mind... Of course.... PLUM GREEN TEA!!!! The one I always drank in Brisbane.... OMG~~~ My first sip of the drink was so satisfying and refreshing..... Gooosebumps~~~ >.< Reminded me of many stuffs in Brisbane.... =) After 7-11, went back to Ah Zip's place.... It looked dodgy from the outside... But its really comfy inside...

Next morning, it was drizzling... Oh no.... After gargling my mouth with my favourite and brushing up.... We went back to Novotel for brunch while waiting for others to arrive.... The hotel is freakin awesome!! Dame pretty.. Its only opened for less than 2 months... So having buffet there sureeee awesome too~~ I had freshhhhhh salmon sashimi and sorbet... They had this wasabi flavoured sorbet...... Iuh... But forget my dieting plan, period pain, headache etc... Aiya...! Eat only lahh!!! ^^ After that Zip brought me to visit their showroom, fitness centre and pool... The pool area is freakin awesome too!! Bet dad would love the design.... @@ Their rooms are dame cool too.. I especially love their magic window in their bathroom..... ^^

Then, went to airport to meet up with someone and Ying... Both different terminal.. =.=" After checking into our hotel, called Sha but she was still with Sylvia's mom... So we went ShiLin night market and started our shopping journey... Please don't ask how much we spent.... Ying and I shopped till we didn't wanna know how much did we spend.. Haha~ We are definitely coming back to this night market again as Sha hvnt pay her visit to this awesome place yet... ^^

Tomorrow, Zhong Xiao Road shopping!! Oh no... I wonder how long my cash will last me..... @@


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