Thursday, July 17, 2008

Moviesssss Madnesss~~

This few weeks of holidays.... Not only ate a lot... Watched lotsa movies as well.. LoL~~~

This movie was hilarious but kinda lame, meaningless and senseless... LoL~

This was cool... But I think cause I am kinda blur now from drinking.. I cant remember the story line.. LoL~

This is cool too~ Haha~ Hilarious movie.. Hahahaha~ BTW.. I love Anne Hathaway

This.. I watched 3D leee!!!! With Sha and her friends.... Nice 0o0o~ So cool~ Cool experience~

See~ Cute kan?? LoL~ I love the 3D glasses.. Its cool~ Haha~ The quality better than Movie World's Shrek 4D glasses tuu!!!

The last one is this.. Watched last night with Ian and Joseph... ^^ Okok la... Edison Chen inside tu~ With few sentences of dialogue... And less than 1 minute of appearance~ ^^

Well... I will post more fun I have during my visit back in KK and KL and also during Shannon, Ian and Jo's visit in Brisbane soon... ^^"

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