Monday, July 28, 2008

Drove 500++km in 1 Day? (Part 3)

18 July 2008 (Part III)

Okie.. This is the interesting part that some of you are more interested in.. The icebar... It's called Minus Five Degree Ice Lounge.. Okie.. I just call it -5 degree... =.=" So ma fan to call the whole name.. LoL~ Its called minus five degree cause its really negative five degree inside.. Didn't really feel that its that cold though.. LoL~ But it is a very very interesting experience... Everything in there is made of ice... Even the sculpture and the glasses~ We met one angmoh who actually ate the iced glass.. LoL~ And we were dame lucky that their camera was not functioning so we were able to camwhore inside.. Normally you can't do that.. Normally we had to use their camera and taking 3 photos would cost you I think AUD5? =.=" That's not enough for a blogger and a cam-freak like me... LoL~ Plus.. The entrance fee is already AUD30 per head.. Unless you don't have a head la... Then it would be free I guess.. ^^ AUD30 includes the jacket, gloves and uggboots..
I super love this photo taken by Jess... I look naughteii... And cheekeii... LoL~
Me and the Angmoh who ate the ice glass
The threesome with me holding cam..Taken curi-ly.. LoL~ That time haven't been informed about their 'corrupted' cam..
Me and my iced glass of vodka.. =.=" I think they put 1% of vodka only... No alcohol taste..
Our group photo plus the gwei lou bartender.. LoL~
Me and Jess.. Inside too cold have to hug together.. LoL~ And I love this photo~
Me and the dunno what.. I think its some type of bird..
Me and the wishing well sculture.. Really got money inside tuhh!
Ian, Joseph and me with the devil liked ice sculpture..
See those guys? (*Shake Head) Saw leng lui terus wanna take photo with them jor.. LoL~ Btw.. The table and chairs are made of ice too!
Pretty wall aquarium~
At last one proper group photo without kelefe... ^^
Half an our later we had to make our way to the exit.. >.<>Gasp~ Love this photo as well.. Don't remember it was taken upon entrance or exit..

Okie... That's the end of my 500++ km drive from North to South of Brisbane in one day... Yeah.. I know.. Its totally, freakingly sot... Took 3 post to blog all these that happened in one day.. LoL~

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