Saturday, July 19, 2008

1st Day Back in Brisbane

15th July 2008

We went Victoria Park for mini golf.. What putt putt... LoL~ I blur when I hear putt putt.. I thought butt butt.. LoL~ Baru I know is putting that putt putt.. LoL~ Called putt putt to make it sound cuter and show its mini I think? ^^" But quite nice la~ Nice experience.. Btw... Brisbane is dame hot at this time of the year... Gosh.. What happened to the weather???????? Its winter dude!!!

Well.. LoL~ This is a bad example of a proper golf attire... LoL~ I mean me la.. Not the guys.. LoL~

The 'Golf Course' there very very nice 0o0o0o~ Love the scenery so much... ^^

This hole very cool~ Have to swing the pole first.. Or else cant get the ball into the hole.. LoL~

This hole is cool also.. Have to hit the ball up the hill, to masuk hole and the will roll out of other hole and masuk the goal.. LoL~

Yay~~ Hehe~ Nice nice~

2 Childish dudes... ^^

So improper le... ^^

At night le... LoL~ Alcohol drinking session with Shannon, Jamie and Charlene (Jamie's Sis).. At Casino Towers.. Wuahahahaha~ ^^

I love Stella Artois~ ^^

VB = Very Bleh.. Very Buhh.. Haha~ Gals all don't like this type of beer.. Hehe~

Muahahaha~ Gals rox~ ^^

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