Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3rd Day Back... ^^

17 July 2008

Today.. Didn't do anything much.. Went to eat Sizzler's with Shannon, Jamie, Joseph, Ian and Shairah.. Not bad la the steak.. Hehe~ Free flow of salad and dessert~ Nice~~ ^^

Ian and Shairah.. ^^Y

Jo's Seafood Meal?

My Steak.. Looks nice.. But it was too blarrdy for me... I don't like it blarrrdy.. ^^"

Yummy dessert after a heavy meal~ Its yummyyyyy~~~~ And pretty? Cause I made it~ ^^

At night, after Shannon attended some kendo stuffs... (Yeah... Come Brisbane also wanna go Kendo.. Really Kendo FREAK.. ^^).. Shannon, Jamie and Shairah came over for another drinking session.. This time... White wines were involve in our lil drinking session.. ^^" But the wines were yummy~~~~~

Played poker.. Okie.. I was bad at it... At the end lose my money and went to the study and chat with Adrian... ^^"

LoL~~~ Cute kan??? Ouhh.. Shannon... You look so *cough cough* hot!!!

Next: IceBar and Sunshine Coast DRIVE


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