Friday, July 18, 2008

KL & KK Part 2

Before sharing the fun I had during Shannon, Jo and Ian's visit in Brisbane... I should finish with my visit back in Malaysia.. LoL~ But sobz cause I wasn't able to have a taste on delicious cheesecakes back in Malaysia and also wasn't able to go and have my favourite Italian restaurant in KK.. Lil Italy.. Sobzzzzz~ Despite all that, I still enjoyed my short visit back to Malaysia... ^^ Share you more photos of food laaa~ ^^

Bahh... SHE konon.... They all sot one... All wear same color each time we go out..

The cake shop that was suppose to serve nice cakes.... But disappointed la~

Looks nice but don taste nice... Mango Cheese Cake..

Banana Chocolate Cake.. Looks weird, ugly and kinda shitty.. But it tastes okie..

Black Forest Mousse.. Tastes the best among all..

After Vicki left.. Went to have sushi for lunch with Kelly... Not I wanted to leave Vicki out la.. Just that she doesn't fancy sushi like I do.. ^^ Should look at what we ate... Only the 2 of us.. We spent about RM100 tu... LoL~ At Sakae.. But definitely nice~

Looks so tasty kan???? @@ Saliva dripping while writing this blog.. ^^"

After got back to KK for only around 1 week.. Dame rush le.... Didn't go anywhere.. Guess because was too tired after having all the fun in KL... LoL~ In KK terus almost everyday at home.. Who also lazy find... Terus kena scold by all my friends.. Hahaha~ Please bahh.. Tired de bahh tu.... ^^" But we did went to Andy's house for a rummy session one day.. ^^"

Tulahh.. Waiting for 'someone' till boring chin chin... Did all these while waiting... LoL~

Haha~ Well.. Thats all for my trip in KK and KL la... Really rush and short... LoL~ KK trip was lazy and spent more time with family la~ Since my visit was so short.... (Excuses for being lazy)

Next: Brisbane's fun and attractions

Sneak peek on 1 of the photos:

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