Saturday, July 12, 2008

As Promised.. ^^

Okie.. Here is the update as promised.. Hahaha~ Well FYI, I am currently in KL again.. LoL~ Another 3 nights here.. I just finished my IELTS today.. LoL~ As mentioned in Sharon's previous blog entry.. Haha~ My last visit to KL was totally pointles... Haha~ Suppose to take up the IELTS test on 28th June.. Mana tau.. As usual being a 'big head prawn', I made a mistake... I mistaken my IELTS examination date.. Okie... Stop laughing or cursing me... I know I can be stupid at times.. LoL~ Actually all the time.. Haha~

Actually... It is not totally pointless.. I did get to meet up with my dear friends and spend lotsa time with them.. Rummy till morning... Mamak as supper... Catty's car accident... ^^" And many more.. Of course.. Vicki was there for holidays also...

Sing Yee going back to KK when I arrive KL le.... Sent her to LCCT after Yan fetch me..

Our Poor Driver Yan who drove to and fro KLIA and LCCT.... ^^

Went lunch with CCK and Vicki at Madam dunno what edi.. =.=" Short memory syndrome.. ^^ Food was nice~~ Special expensive Nasi Lemak and Curry Chicken.. LoL~

Tu nah ini Teh Tarik that made Vicki love so much yet suffer so much... Imagine la.... 5 glasses in one day... During her 1st day of menstruation period.... Say suffer or not?

At last, I had the chance to eat Kim Gary. And it definitely is delicious.. Yummy~

Sha brought us makan 猪肉粉.. Nice.. But oily.. =.="

Ate lots and lots and lots of food... Update more in my next entry.. More food photos.. Haha~~ Nice nice tuuuhhhh~~~ ^^

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