Sunday, July 27, 2008

Drove 500++km in 1 Day? (Part 2)

18 July 2008 (Part II)

After coming back from Sunshine Coast.. We went to Charlotte Towers to pick Jessica up.. And went up to Gold Coast straight away.. LoL~ Cause our plan for that night was going to Qdeck and the Icebar... Because Jo is leaving next evening... Qdeck was beautiful, marvellous, excellent, colourful, lightfull.... Whatever full~ I really love looking at the scenery from high.. We were at the 77th floor looking at the Coast... It was really amazing... I bet the day scenery would also be as nice with a different feeling..
This is not Charlotte Tower.. This is QDeck..
WAS the 20th Tallest building in the world.. Don't know how long ago though.. =.=" Malaysia so greedy.. Take #2 & #3... LoL~
Yummy Strawberry Dunno What.. ^^
Our drinks... Left one was mine and Jess'.. Middle - Joseph.. Right - Ian.. All didn't taste nice... =.="

Before exiting... BTW.. The lift was dame fast!! But dunno true or not.. Cause once reach the floor.. It took half a minute to open the door.. We did take video of it..

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