Sunday, August 24, 2008


14th August 2008
Gasp??? I graduate jor? LoL~~ No la... Wait next year March la... This photo just cut out out of my thick face-ness.. LoL~
The 2 graduands.. Hehe~ Went to attend their graduation since I got my work timetable wrong.. LoL~ Thought I was working morning shift that day.. But not.. ^^"
Me and the 2 graduands....
The ceremony was quite grand.. Pity I don't have a SLR camera to take nicer photos cause of the distance and the dimness.. Next year March we will be sitting there~ LoL~ ^^" Actually I am not that desperate laaa~ ^.^"
The 3 graduands... Christine, Ivy and Connie.. Don't really know her.. But she is Ivy and Christine's friend.. Hehe~ ^^ And have to thank her for the free ticket to watch the ceremony~
Hat throwing time.. See they so happy? Hehe~
The 211 Gabba gang and the graduand..
Four "Xiao Zha Borr".. Hehehe~
AJ Group.. ^^
变态的老公,竟然在我面前跟老婆亲密,我吃醋了!!! >.<

After the ceremony, me and Ivy had to rush back to city... Working night shift.. LoL~ Had to miss eating dinner with them to celebrate their graduation.. Well.. Congrats darlings~ Hehe~ Next year must come to our yo~ Hehe~ Our uni gave us an option to have another graduation in our home country.. Malaysia included... Hehe~ Should I go back in April to have another graduation? LoL~ Who wanna sponsor me air ticket?? I don't mind AirAsia.. Hahahaha~

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