Monday, August 11, 2008

Chocolate Festival

Okie.. Let me start on my Chocolate Festival... Hehe~ Yeah~ Mine~ Cause I organised it~ LoL~ No larr~ Just because I love chocolate I no such 'call-e' to organise such interesting event.. LoL~ Xiao Yun, Shaun and I 'dated' to go to the chocolate festival ages ago and its here~ So we decided to go on Saturday... Okie.. Went there.. Nothing.. =.=" Just some Jazz music performance... LoL~ We were so pissed... But I did get to take lotsa nice photos on our way back in the Citycat.. Nice mou???

Okie.. Don't expect too much.. Its phone quality... Should praise me for such nice photos with a handphone.. :P

We had such a beh-song day so we decided to have a good meal in WAH.. A korean restaurant.. Unfortunately I didn't really enjoy the meal there cause they had actually changed chef and owner.. =.=" Prefer the old stingy owner.. Food tasted better..

The kimchi fried rice and seafood fried rice didn't taste right.. Rice was too sticky... Felt that my home made kimchi fried rice tasted better... LoL~ Okie.. I am too bossy.. :P

LoL~ At the end, we went again to the festival on Sunday.. For a chocolate lover like me.. Cant just give up on the chocolates right? ^^ We took the bus there like Saturday.. And on our way to the festival.. There were HUGE, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS, LARGE pelicans around the jetty.. FYI.. We were walking along Brisbane river to the festival venue..That... Down there... Xiao Yun holding is mashmellow dipped with chili chocolate.. No.. I didn't taste it.. Cause I know it will taste weird and I wont like it and I don't even like to eat chili.. LoL~ Shaun fell into our trap though.. LoL~ There were LOTSSS of pretty decorations of chocolate gifts in this stall.. But I took this photo curi-ly.. They didn't welcome photographers like me.. LoL~ Scared we will steal their idea maybe?
Yesss..... This is the chocolate fondue that all chocolate lovers would surely adoreeee... ^^ And it was 50cents per strawberry... Oh my.. How I wish I could just lick from the fondue.. LoL~ Yeah.. We bought 12 stawberries... 4 for each of us.. Haha~ 2 whites, 3 milk and 8 darks... LoL~ They accidentally gave us 1 more~ ^^" Well.. At the end.. We couldnt finish them.. But thanks to Xiao Yun and Shaun on trying to clear em up~ LoL~Chocolate fudge store~ I bought one rum and raisin dark chocolate fudge.. But it didn't taste as nice as the one I had in Adelaide last year.. Sigh.. Missed it so much... Ying.. Please bring some for me~~Okie.. We are definitely having a happy, chocolaty, fattening and satisfying Sunday... Well... Its worth it~ You could see it from our happy and satisfied faces.. (Although Shaun looks kinda like a stranger who shouldn't be in the photo..) LoL~

After chocs, we went to Indoorooo and watched Mama Mia.. LoL~ Was too early for dinner... But after the movie.. It was kinda too late..

After movie, it was already about 8.30pm.. We went to Mindoro for dinner.. Because it will close down for good the next day.. We rushed there to have our last meal in Mindoro.. Xiao Yun never been to this Philipino-Spanish Restaurant before even though she had been passing by Mindoro for few years.. Haha~ And she regretted.. Cause the food was dameeeeeeeeee delicious~ Haha~ I had been there few times.. But of course.. No regrets even though too rush.. LoL~

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