Friday, September 05, 2008

Girls night out..

Last night.. Wing kept nagging me... She wanted to go have some fancy dinner today... I kept saying no cause I dont wanna waste money.. Wanna earn money for my KL + HK + JAPAN trip.. Haha~ Since it was last minute and its Friday night.. Most of the popular restaurants are usually fully booked.. She wanted to eat Cha Cha Char.. And I said no cause it's impossible to book a table on Friday for Friday night... So went to Beach House instead.. Its a pub which serve steak..... We waited for Vicki who finishes her shift at 8pm...
Surf Turf.. Rump steak with Calamari.. Mushroom sauce..
T-bone Steak... Pepper sauce..
Rib Fillet with Mushroom Sauce..

Lastly.. What feedback and score would I give? 4/10...... Ambience good for drinking... Live band.. Food sucked... The steak I ate? Inside blardy nevermind... Outside burnt... Feel like eating coal more than steak......

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Shaun said...

erm you got any other recipe like just 2 or 3 not going to do this..haha