Friday, September 12, 2008

Homemade Chocoball

Me and Vicki bought this chocolate from the supermarket.. Kinda like Toblerone... But too sweet for us..
So when I was in front of my computer don't remember doing what.. Vicki made this chocolate... Fudge? No.. Dunno what to call it... Kinda like Chocolate Delight.. K lar.. Call it chocolate delight... Dame nice.. Vicki said its for the Chinese Valentines day which was a day ago.. Then we ate them while watching Olympic opening... Haha~ Yes.. This happened last month... After eating them.. Realised its dame nice and I have a whole packet left.. So asked Vicki to teach me how to make them... Since I was going to Ekka with Xiao Yun and Shaun after work the next day...

Chocolate.. Preferably those type so it would be chewy..
Pure Cream
Rum (I love rum so added that and it taste nicer than Vicki's non-rum ones.. Haha~)
Chocolate powder

Firstly, heat the 2 pans.. 1 with water and 1 without.. The one without water should be smaller that the one with water.. After pan without water heated up, take it off the fire and put in the chocolates and some chocolate powder..
Then put that pan on top on the one with water.. Like the photo below.. MAKE SURE THE WATER WONT GET INTO YOUR CHOCOLATES!! And DO NOT boil chocolate without having water below unless you wanna burn your kitchen.. =p
Then put a tablespoon of butter into the melted chocolate
Next, put in my favourite flavouring essence... Rum... Just put a bit is good enough.. Maybe half tablespoon? ^^
Then.. Put in some pure cream.. Follow your feeling while you pour it.. But dont pour too much lar~ Haha~ Bit by bit is the safest..
Then stir the mixture until the whole thing wont look like biji biji of sh*ts... But looked like liquid sh*t... Not too liquid 0o! ^^" Okie.. Shouldn't make it sound so awful..
Line a piece of baking paper on your baking tray.. Preferably squared.. Then pour the mixture onto the baking paper..
The whole later shudn't be too thick... Just thin layer will be nice.. ^^ Then put it into the fridge until it hardens.. Not freezer ya.... Be patient...
Once it harden.. Take it out from the fridge.. Sprinkle lots of chocolate powder on top of it.... And start shakin~ Yeap... Shaking.... Shake the tray and your body if you wanna have some exercise.. Make sure the bottom part also filled with the powder... Then, make it into desired shapes.. Cut them into square and make sure your cut pieces are also powdered with powder.. You wanna make it into balls? Just do it like how you play with playing dough when you were kids.. Roll them in your palms, then powder them with the powder...
Tadaaa~ Your own homemade chocolate delight~ Nice valentines gift hor? ^^"

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