Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How would you be if you were awake for 27 hrs?

Hahahahahahaha~~ Yeah.. Cause of my Tax Law exam today.... Till now I am still awake here writing this blog.. Why not go to bed after my exam which ended this morning? Cause I am too energetic to lie on bed... And I have another exam in less than 24 hrs... Hahahaha~ How insane is that?You see.. Being awake for about 27 hrs (still counting)... I am still so energetic.. I think I am getting high... LoL~ No... I don't take drugs.. No.. I didn't drink any energy drink... No.. I didn't drink.. No I don't smoke marijuana.... I think I am gonna puke now.. LoL~ Cause too tired but can't sleep? How bad this could be? LoL~ One could really go crazy without sleep le.... LoL~

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