Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eurotrip - Day 1 Part II

18th December 2008 - Part II City Tour & Colosseum @ Rome

Next... We toured around Rome... City Tour... Took those photos below in the bus.. Can't expect it to be too pretty.. ^^" The photo above is Castel Sant' Angelo.. Some fortress...
The Vittoriano Monument, Piazza Venezia (Piazza = Plaza in Italian)
Don't remember what this is.. Just remember we were touring around this big roundabout and this is one of the building that is by the roundabout... ^^"
There was this small island in the middle of the river.. Don't remember what did the tour guide say.. I think there is a hospital there... And maybe a shopping centre? No idea.. Its a small town they said.. But its really cool~ ^^
Temple of Hercules Victor
San Giovanni... Where the Pope is officiated as the Bishop of Rome.. San Giovanni is the oldest of the four major basilicas in Rome.. The Statues are the statues of Jesus' 12 apostles...
Some Arch in the middle of the main road... ^^"
Temple of Venus and Rome..
Next stop after the city tour... The famous Colosseum~
Walking to the Colosseum.. Oww... Look at the sweeeet old couple..... Haha~
This horse has a really yeng haircut... Cover one eye lagi tuhh! So cool~ Haha~This horse might be falling sick soon.. Gasp! Maybe pregnant! Vomit-ing.. ^^"
Gladiators outside Colosseum.. ^^" Needa pay them to take photo with them de.. Dont wanna pay... So curi take his photo from far lah~ Haha~
The Arch of Constantine.. It is located less than 500m from the Colosseum.. The Arch will be on our left when the Colosseum entrance is on our right.. ^^
Lovely old couple and The Arch of Constantine
Lovely Dra and The Arch.. ^^
Behold! Here come the well known Colosseum! This is the entrance.. But we did not have enough time to go into the Colosseum.. Limited time since we stick with the group.. Sigh... Pity ler.. I must come here again and enter the Colosseum the next time I come!!! =)
4 sisters and Mama.. Behind us of course is the well-known Colosseum!
4 sisters kissing happy dada~ ^^
Lastly.. Happy Dada and Mama~ ^^

Up Next: Part III of our Rome Trip.. ^^" More photos to show!