Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fatty me..

That day I was browsing through my photos.. My goodness.. Realised how much I had fatten up for the past few years.. Well.. Luckily lately had been on diet and not as fat as I just came to Brisbane.. Lets look at the difference.. ^^"

Gosh.. See how thin I was? Mom was always asking me to eat more..

I guess people are usually fatter when there are still in high school.. Especially gals.. Would get thinner and prettier once they left school.. But I am so different.. High school life was my thinnest life.. >.<" Never over 50kgs loo!!! Started life overseas? People in OZ not only look big.. The portion of their food is also BIG! I think that is why I am getting fat.. This is still my skinny period.. Just been here for the 1st month..

Now you see the huge difference? In just 3 months I turned into a fat pig.. No wonder all my friends and my family were shocked when they see me during my semester break on 2006.. 双下巴 started to come out that time..

Now.. See how fleshyyy my cheek was?

Now.. I look better... Started to watch out for my diet.. Haha! Well.. But still.. I am still over 50 kgs.. Wanna get back to how thin I was when I was in TTSS 00o0o0o!!! *GRIN*


YSLo said...

Then saya boleh pergi mati liao.... @@

Lxy said...

Don mati ys, u are cute in some way :P Dra, jy in getting your shape back. haha... Take care all.

Syafiq said...

still ok wat..not fat not fat..